Paul LoweCongratulations to Senator Paul Lowe, Jr., who was elected Thursday night by the members of our Forsyth County Executive Committee from Senate District 32.  We know he’ll be a strong representative for the citizens of NC Senate District 32.  Governor McCrory officially appointed Sen. Lowe on Friday, and his swearing-in will take place on Sunday, Feb. 1, 1:00p at Shiloh Baptist Church, 916 E. 12th St.

Thank you to Joycelyn Johnson for also stepping forward to run for State Senate.  She’s a respected member of our Democratic Party family and an experienced community leader.  We also appreciate the interest and involvement of the candidates and voters in this process, from attending the candidate forum and then participating in the election. An impressive 83% of eligible voters were in attendance for the important election Thursday night!

We couldn’t have had such a smooth election without help.  Catawba County Democratic Party Chair, Cliff Moone, was our Parliamentarian and close advisor for the election.  First Vice Chair Larry Johnson was in charge of the ballot count and worked closely to verify voters.  Party Secretary Lois Roewade, Cam Choiniere, Pat Sisson, and Pat Eisenach expertly checked in voters and proxies.  Thanks also to Trent Harmon and Shawn Lane for their assistance.   Other county chairs and elected officials shared their experience and expertise with us:  Marc Friedland, Chair of Mecklenburg County; Ted Benson, Chair of State House District 54 election; Casey Mann, Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party, and State Senator Don Davis.  In addition, we appreciate the use of Forsyth Tech Mazie Woodruff Center for the forum and Kennedy High School for the election.

Thank you to all of our active Democrats, behind the scenes, as well as the ones out front.  You are the life of our Party and we appreciate your support.


EarlineMany, many thanks go to State Senator Earline Parmon for her years of inspirational public service.  She has announced her retirement from serving Senate District 32.  She will be accepting a position as Outreach Director for Rep. Alma Adams and will not need to move to Washington for her duties.  This is bittersweet news.  We know that Senator Parmon will be an asset to Rep. Adam’s staff, but we’ll miss her strong voice in Raleigh.  She has been a long-serving elected official, an outspoken advocate for her district and a leader for our county Democrats and Forsyth County delegation across the state.  Please offer her your congratulations: 3873 Barkwood Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27105.

The process for replacing a State Senator falls to our County Executive Committee members who live in that district.  All of the precinct chairs and vice chairs, party officers, auxiliary chairs, State Executive Committee members, and elected officials who live in District 32 are eligible to vote.  (You can check your registration and district designation here:  The meeting will be open to the public, but only those who are District 32 Executive Committee members are eligible to vote.  The election will be held at our County Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, Jan. 29, 6:30pm at Kennedy High School, 890 E. 11th St.


breakfastSaturday, January 24th, 9 am at 1128 Burke St. You are welcome to bring guests, particularly any Democratic women.  The highest ranking woman in the NC Democratic Party, Patsy Keever, will bring us a brief message.

Patsy is a Charlotte native who lives in Asheville. A mother and a grandmother, she is a Duke grad, an educator who has been a leader in the NCAE, who has been elected county commissioner and to the General Assembly, and who twice has run for Congress. Since 2013 she has served as 1st Vice Chair of the State Party.

Come and enjoy the fellowship of local Democrats and savor the catered breakfast. January 24!


Senior Dems logoThursday, January 8, 2015, at 9:00am at the Golden Corral, 4965 University Parkway.  Former Winston-Salem mayor Martha S Wood will be the guest speaker.  Members and guests wanting the breakfast buffet and/or beverages will be able to enter the restaurant beginning at 8:30 am.


The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners will consider the following appointments at its meeting on Feb. 9:

Two appointments to the Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee. The appointments are for three-year terms; one will expire in January 2018, and one will expire in February 2018. The slots are open, meaning that applicants are not required to fit into a special criterion. Non-incumbents will serve a term of one year.

Three appointments to the Appearance Commission, for three-year terms that will expire in February 2018. One slot is open, and two slots are for people with special experience or education in design.

Two appointments to Board of Health, for three-year terms that will expire in January 2018. One slot is for a dentist, and one slot is for a pharmacist.

Two appointments to the Firefighters’ Relief Fund Board of Trustees, for two-year terms that will expire in January 2017. The slots are open.

Two appointments to the Forsyth County Agricultural Advisory Board, for three-year terms that will expire in February 2018. One slot is for someone actively engaged in farming in Forsyth County, and the other slot is an at-large slot.

One appointment to the Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission is to fill an unexpired term. The term will expire in November 2015. The slot is for an archaeologist, landscape architect/designer, planner, surveyor or arborist.

Two appointments to the Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee, Forsyth County, the appointments are for one-year terms, one slot term will expire in February 2016, and the other term will expire in March 2016. The slots are open. Non-incumbents will serve a term of one year.

One appointment to the SciWorks board of directors, it will fill an unexpired term that will expire in June 2015. The slot is open.

One appointment to the City/County Planning Board, for a four-year term that will expire in February 2019. The slot is for a Forsyth County resident.

Four appointments to the Ten Year Plan Commission on Homelessness, The appointments are for three-year terms that will expire in January 2018. One slot is for a business representative, one slot is for a criminal justice representative, one slot is for an education representative and one slot is for a mental health representative.

To apply for a volunteer board an application must be completed and is available online at

For more information, or to get an application call the commissioners’ office at (336) 703-2020 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The deadline for submitting résumés and completed questionnaires is 5 p.m. Feb 4.


holiday image1Thursday, Dec. 11, 5:30 – 7:00pm at the FCDP HQ, 1128 Burke St.  Come party with the Party and let us thank you for all your hard work during this past election season.  Light snacks and beverages will be provided.


holiday image2Thursday, Dec. 4, 6:00 – 8:00pm at the FCDP HQ, 1128 Burke St.  Bring holiday finger food to share (sweet or savory); bring a donation of $$ or diapers to the Diaper Bank of NC (our holiday charity); and bring your significant other!  Beverages will be provided.


holiday image3 Thursday, Dec. 4, 9:30am at the Piedmont Club, 200 West 2nd St. 19th floor.  $13 per person at the door for the breakfast buffet, RSVP to Alice Greene: 336-765-2456 or The 2014 Senior Democrat of the Year will be awarded!  Make your reservations now.


teachers event19Thank you to our terrific candidates for their integrity, collaboration, hard work, and willingness to take the bold step of running for office! We’re so proud of Forsyth County Democrats and congratulate our incumbents, who all held their seats (Sen. Earline Parmon, Rep. Evelyn Terry, Rep. Ed Hanes, Commissioner Walter Marshall, Commissioner Everette Witherspoon, Board of Education member Elisabeth Motsinger, Board of Education member Vic Johnson, and Clerk of Court Susan Frye). Welcome to the new US Congresswoman from the 12th District, Rep. Alma Adams, County Commissioner Ted Kaplan, and Board of Education member Deanna Taylor. In the face of voter suppression and barriers to voting, gerrymandered districts, and the obscene amount of money spent, we still had these victories.

VOLUNTEERS, you ROCK!! It took an army of Democrats in every phase of this election and we appreciate all the hard work and long hours you put in. Get some sleep. Rest up. We’ve got work to do! See More



voting images3HAPPY ELECTION DAY!  Check in with our HQ, 336-724-5941, to see if we can use you poll greeting, driving, phone calling, running errands…  Join us at the watch party when the polls close at 7:30pm:  Foothills Brewery, 638 W. 4th St.  Cash bar, snacks provided, or you can purchase dinner.

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